Autograph Tips For Fifth Third Field

The Autograph Tips For Fifth Third Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Teams sign pre-game autographs around dugouts
  • Mud Hens' dugout on third base side
Many members of the Mud Hens sign around their third base dugout before first pitch.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a few autographs during your visit to Fifth Third Field, regardless of whether you’re cheering for the Mud Hens or the opposition. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about getting autographs during your visit; like all Minor League parks, it’s easy to get players to sign around the dugouts and/or bullpens before the game.

The Mud Hens’ dugout and bullpen are on the third base side, and unless a high-profile player is in town as a member of the opposition, the autograph-seeking crowd is almost always bigger on the home side. Aim to get to the field as quickly as you can after the gates open, in order to secure a spot along the fence. The spot between the bullpen and dugout is best, as players will walk past you on their way to stretch and play catch in the outfield. Some guys sign on their way out, and others sign on their way in.

If you’re after someone on the visiting team, get to the first base side as quickly as you can and grab a spot between the dugout and bullpen. Visitors don’t always feel the same obligation to sign as the home team players, but you’ll still be able to get a handful of autographs.

If you visit Fifth Third Field on a Sunday, look for the two players signing autographs in the concourse.