Where to sit at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Bleachers make up bulk of seating
  • Take a cushion to avoid hot bleachers
Most of the ballpark's seating is bleachers, although some box seats exist in places including behind home plate.

G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium presents four seating options for fans. Tickets at this ballpark are moderately priced between $8 and $14.

If you want to spend $8, the Grandstand Seats sections are your only option. This section includes two grandstands down the first base line in the outfield and another two in the same location down the third base line. They're standard bleacher seats and considering your other options in the park, they're arguably the best deal.

The second-cheapest section, the Reserved Seats section, costs $10. These seats make up the bulk of the ballpark's seating and stretch from the Nationals dugout on the first base side to the visitors dugout. Don't be confused by their name; most Reserved sections at ballparks are box seats, but these are bleachers similar to the Grandstand Seats sections. The difference is that these seats have backs, while those in the grandstands do not.

For $12, you can sit in the Box Seats section, which are three-row sections closer to field level that run between the dugouts. There are 13 sections at this price point, nine of which are covered by the netting behind home plate.

The Field Box Seats section includes three small sections on the outfield side of each dugout. Tickets here are $14. Although you're close to the action, you might find it difficult to spend $14 for seats just a few feet ahead of the $8 Grandstand Seats section.

Section 4 in the Reserved Seats is a family section that doesn't allow alcohol and none of the seats in the entire ballpark are covered. If it's a hot, sunny day, make sure to take something to use as a seat cover. Because there's no shade in the ballpark, the metal seats get uncomfortably hot.

One of your best bets for a seat isn't a seat at all. One of the charms of G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium is the standing room spot on each side between the dugout and grandstand bleachers. Here, you can stand along a chest-high fence, just feet from either dugout.