Autograph Tips For G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium

The Autograph Tips For G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players are accessible down the lines
  • Teams sign before and after games
Fans' ability to get very close to the field means it's easy to get players to sign autographs.

Getting a handful of autographs at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium is easy because of how close fans can get to the field. Regardless of the team you hope to pursue for autographs, you can get down to field level and stand behind the chain-link fence between each team's dugout and bullpen. (The P-Nats are on the first base side.) The positioning of the ballpark's dugouts makes it difficult to obtain autographs from directly above the dugouts, but that's not much of an obstacle given the other ways you can get something signed.

Players on both teams typically sign without much prompting both before and after each game. If you miss someone prior to first pitch, look for him after the final out of the ninth inning.