How To Get A Ball At Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

The How To Get A Ball At Northeast Delta Dental Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Open-style fences in outfield corners make getting a foul ball easier
  • Snag a BP home run at the Hilton's outdoor patio
Minor League Baseball stadiums are closed during batting practice, but a seat at the Hilton's outdoor bar, The Porch, gives you a chance of catching a BP home run.

Just because you can't get into Northeast Delta Dental Stadium during batting practice doesn't mean it's impossible to get a ball. Your best bet for a BP home run is by grabbing a drink and a seat at The Patio, an aptly named outdoor eatery at the Hilton Garden Inn, just beyond the outfield fence of the ballpark. Though the fence is tall, plenty of balls leave the yard during BP, and you have a good chance at catching one.

Another strategy is to watch the proceedings from your hotel room (if you're got a field-facing room at the Hilton Garden Inn) and take note of any balls that enter the stands. Although ushers are usually thorough at patrolling the seats and gathering stray balls prior to the gates opening, they occasionally miss some -- and if you're aware where those balls are, you can take a shot at heading to that section as soon as you're allowed. If you're the type who really wants a ball and doesn't really care about missing a bit of the game, it's worth hanging out in the parking lot behind the stadium's first base side. Foul balls often clear the suites above the stadium and land back in this area.