Autograph Tips For Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

The Autograph Tips For Northeast Delta Dental Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players easily accessible for pre-game autographs
  • You might also catch a player on rehab stint at the Hilton
Like any ballpark, players often sign autographs along the base lines prior to first pitch.

There are no significant Northeast Delta Dental Stadium autograph tips for the collector, but that doesn't mean it's tough to get something signed at a Fisher Cats game. As is the case at all levels of the minor leagues, autographs are pretty easy to obtain before the game around each team's dugout. And when the bullpen staff relocates to the pens down the lines prior to first pitch, it's easy to get things signed here, too. The Fisher Cats proudly declare themselves "New Hampshire's Best Entertainment Value," and perhaps as a result, the home team is great at signing.

The road team's bus parks behind the stadium (back behind the first base line) and it's possible to obtain autographs around the bus after the game if you're that dedicated. Likewise, Blue Jays players down in Manchester on rehab stints are put up at the adjacent Hilton Garden Inn hotel, so it's possible to catch them in the parking lot or hotel lobby before or after the game.