Finding Your Way Around Coca-Cola Park

The Finding Your Way Around Coca-Cola Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Main gates are in RF corner
  • Majestic Clubhouse Store is a must-see spot
The Majestic Clubhouse Store on the first base side is one of the most impressive team shops you'll see in the Minors.

After you park in the huge lot adjacent to Coca-Cola Park, you’ll have a few minutes’ walk to the front gates of the stadium. Unlike most MiLB parks, the gates don’t open into the home plate concourse area. Instead, you’ll walk into the AT&T Plaza in the right field corner, which is one of the park’s most popular areas. It’s loaded with concession stands, tables, chairs and other things to check out. If you feel like hanging out in this area for a bit before finding your seat, there won’t be a shortage of sights to see. If you’d rather explore, you have the option of turning left and walking toward the home plate concourse or going straight and walking behind the outfield fence.

If you choose to go toward home, the first sight you’ll see is the Majestic Clubhouse Store on your immediate left. It’s one of the most impressive team shops you’ll see in the Minors, and rivals the shops of some MLB teams. An added bonus is that it’s air conditioned, so it offers a welcome reprieve on hot days. The store carries not only everything related to the IronPigs that you could ever want, but also a number of Phillies items.

Make your way to behind home plate, and you’ll find a hubbub of activity, including numerous concession stands. Begin walking down the third base line, and you’ll see the PPL Picnic Patio at the end of the seating bowl, adjacent to the Red Robin Kids Zone. There’s a group picnic area directly behind left field, but once you walk past it, you can descend a set of stairs and watch the pre-game action in the bullpens, which are side by side. Next, you’ll see the grass seating area, and then you can walk behind the batter’s eye, pass behind the Bud Light Trough bar area and you’ll be back in the AT&T Plaza where you began.