How To Get A Ball At Classic Park

The How To Get A Ball At Classic Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • LF bleachers are an ideal spot for finding BP balls
  • Wide concourses are perfect for foul ball snagging
The concourse in front of the picnic decks is an ideal spot for trying to catch (or chase down) foul balls.

You won't likely be able to snag a ball at Classic Park during batting practice. There's a chain-link several feet behind the outfield fence, so even when a player hits a home run, the ball won't clear the second fence. Collecting some balls during BP while standing behind the outfield fence is common in many Minor League parks, but given Classic Park's urban location, there just isn't room for a large field behind the fence.

Don't get discouraged, however. Just because you can't load up on balls before the gates open doesn't mean you won't be able to grab a ball once you're inside. The gates at Classic Park open an hour before first pitch, and the closer you are to the front of the line at this time, the better.

When you enter the ballpark, head immediately to the bleacher area beyond left field and begin looking for home run balls. Ushers are supposed to collect any balls for reuse before the gates open, but not every ball gets noticed. Pay special attention to areas like under the bleachers, in hard-to-see crevasses and in the grass around the bleachers. Make your way around the hilly area behind the outfield fence and look for a speck of white in the grass. If you're lucky, you'll have a used Midwest League ball to add to your collection.

Once the game begins, it's wise to pick a relatively inhabited spot from which to watch the game. If you're in the middle of a packed section, you'll essentially have to rely on a foul ball being hit directly to you. But if you're in an open area, you'll have more room to move to track down the ball. A good spot for catching a foul ball is in the concourse in front of each group picnic area.