How To Get A Ball At Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium

The How To Get A Ball At Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Area behind OF fence is perfect for BP balls
  • Wide, open concourses are good for fouls
.If batting practice is on, arrive early and head behind the outfield fence. If your luck is good, you might find a home run ball.

If you’ve never been able to get a ball at a professional baseball game, your luck might soon change upon a visit to Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium. Your odds of getting a ball increase if you’re taking in a night and if you arrive early. Before night games, the teams take batting practice, which gives you the best chance of getting ball. If it’s a 7 p.m. game, the players are usually hitting by around 4 p.m., so get to the ballpark as early as you’re able. Once you park, walk to down the path leading away from the front of the park until you reach the area behind the outfield fence. If BP has already begun, it’s possible that you might find one or more home run balls laying on the grass behind the fence. If the players aren’t hitting just yet, be patient and wait until you start to hear the cracks of the bats.

When trying to get a ball behind the outfield fence, it’s best to stand a safe distance away. Balls that leave the field are difficult to see until the last minute, and it’s possible to get hurt unless you’re careful. If you’re visiting Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium with children, keep them clear of this area, too.

If batting practice isn’t on because of inclement weather or because it’s a matinee game, it’s good to still take the time to look for balls beyond the outfield fence. You might find one from a previous BP session, or even get lucky and get a home run ball from a recent game. Be vigilant about searching carefully – it’s possible for balls to initially be hidden in the grass or against any of the scoreboard supports.

Batting practice might be your best shot at a ball, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll increase your odds of a ball during the game. Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium has a number of ideal spots to sit or stand if you want a foul ball. The walls along the field are high enough that it would be difficult for a fan to reach a rolling foul. But if you’re seated in one of the first couple rows, a base coach might toss you a foul that he picks up. If you want to catch your own, however, hang out on the grass hill next to the outfield along each base line. Here, you might be able to catch a long foul on the fly or call to the corner outfielder to have him flip you a foul.

Don’t mind standing? Have your glove ready and stand toward the end of the concourse on the first or third base side. In this area, you might have a shot at catching a foul pop-up, but remember to watch for other fans as you track the ball. If you’re visiting Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium on a night in which the crowd is light, find a section with relatively few fans. If a ball’s hit into the section, you’ll have more time to run and grab it. Minor League players aren’t supposed to give away balls to fans, but there’s always the chance of a player handing you a ball on his way to the clubhouse after the game – just don’t count on it.