Autograph Tips For Jerry Uht Park

The Autograph Tips For Jerry Uht Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players sign pre-game around their dugouts
  • SeaWolves dugout is on the third base side

Your chances of getting some autographs during a visit to Jerry Uht Park are about the same as another other ballpark in the Eastern League. For the most part, players are accommodating toward fans, and because injured Major Leaguers often spend time in the league on rehab stints, you might even get the chance to get an autograph signed by a Major Leaguer.

If you want to add an autograph or two to your collection, it’s best to get to the park before the gates open an hour before first pitch. Get in line so that when you’re let in, you can get down to field level quickly and secure a prime spot along the railing. Autograph seeking at MiLB parks isn’t as competitive as at MLB parks, but your chances of success go way up when you’re standing in a good spot.

The SeaWolves dugout is on the third base side, meaning the visitors call the first base dugout home. It’s always smart to decide which team you’ll pursue for autographs. Head to that side and stand in the front row close to the dugout. Some people make the mistake of being directly adjacent to the dugout, but this spot doesn’t always yield success – some players make a wide turn when running to the field and are already past you before you get a chance to ask for an autograph. As long as you’re in the front row, and are holding a pen or marker and something you’d like signed, you’ll almost certain to come away with something.

Depending on when you reach your spot, there may some players on the field, or it might still be deserted. Players will typically sign autographs after warming up, so don’t be discouraged if a number of players run past you without signing. Just be ready to catch them on their way back to the dugout.

League rules prohibit players from signing during the game, so even though a spot near the dugout will put you in close proximity to the players, don’t bother asking for an autograph. Some players will sign a limited number of autographs after the game, but the game’s outcome plays a key role in their likeliness to do so. Don’t count on getting more autographs after the final out – anything you manage is just a bonus.