Finding Your Way Around Arthur W. Perdue Stadium

The Finding Your Way Around Arthur W. Perdue Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Park is home to baseball museum, which is worth visiting
  • Kids' attractions include arcade, merry-go-round
The merry-go-round is an ideal attraction to visit if you're with children.

The gates to the parking lot at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium open two hours before first pitch, which is ideal if you like getting to the ballpark early to make the most of your visit. If you're early, one of the best things to do is head beyond the outfield fence to try to catch a ball during batting practice. If that isn't of interest to you, tour the area outside the park to take in the sights while you wait for the gates to open. One of the park's defining features that you can see while outside is the large water tower painted with the team's logo. It's on the third base side, near where the players park.

The ticket office is located to the left of the main gates, so make sure to buy your tickets or pick them up at the will-call window before a lineup forms. Unless you're visiting based on a spur-of-the-moment decision, make sure to buy your tickets before gameday to save $1 a piece.

Once the gates open, climb up the steps and you will wind up on the concourse directly behind home plate. You'll see the team shop, appropriately named the Flock Shop, to your immediate right. The shop is large and full of numerous Shorebirds and Orioles items. It's especially worth checking out on a hot, muggy night, as it's air-conditioned.

The concourses down the first and third base side are much like those at any Minor League ballpark. They're lined with concession stands, kiosks and other attractions.

When you're up for a bit of exploring, look for the steps leading up to the suite level, which are located in the vicinity of the home plate concourse. Once you climb the steps, follow the hallway to the Bird's Eye Caf