Autograph Tips For Arthur W. Perdue Stadium

The Autograph Tips For Arthur W. Perdue Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Shorebirds sign around third base dugout
  • Arrive early for best chance at autographs
Before each game, members of the Shorebirds sign autographs around their dugout on the third base side.

If you hope to get several autographs from members of the Shorebirds or the visiting team, you won't likely be disappointed. Minor League parks are famously fan friendly -- it's reasonable to expect several players to sign for you without much prompting.

When the gates open, head down to field level and move to the area around the dugout of the team whose players you're interested in. The Shorebirds dugout is on the third base side. Depending on the time, some players will already be signing, others will be stretching or playing catch and others still will be milling around the dugout. Have your cards, ball or hat and a pen or marker ready and look for the guys you want to sign for you. You won't be the only fan seeking signatures, so if you're shy, just sidle up to another fan and hold out your item and writing utensil when a player approaches.

If you're cheering for the opposition, move to the dugout on the first base side and look for the players you're seeking. The earlier you get to the park, the more time you'll have for autographs.

Because both bullpens are located down the lines, it's easy to get pitchers to sign in these areas, too. Remember that MiLB rules prohibit players from signing once the game begins, but some players will take a moment to sign for fans after the conclusion of the contest.