Finding Your Way Around Coca-Cola Field

The Finding Your Way Around Coca-Cola Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • You can enter Coca-Cola Field via four different gates
  • Look for the retired numbers in left field
Look for the retired numbers of Buffalo baseball legends Ollie Carnegie, Luke Easter and Jeff Manto on the outfield fence.

You can enter Coca-Cola Field through one of four different gates. If you want to enter directly into the stadium's main home plate concourse, use either of the main gates at the front of the stadium. A gate in each corner (Swan Street and Washington Street) gives you access to the stadium in the left field and right field corners, respectively.

Stadium seating wraps from foul pole to foul pole, with two different group/party decks in right and center field. The stadium's concourse is much like any other, with gift shops down both base lines and concession stands throughout.

Make sure to look for the three retired numbers displayed on the outfield fence in left field. Ollie Carnegie hit 297 home runs in the Minor Leagues and played for Buffalo from 1931 to 1941 and again in 1945. In his 1935 campaign, he hit .335 with 156 hits and 31 home runs. Negro League star Luke Easter was known for his tape measure home runs throughout his career. After finishing his Major League career in 1954, he played for several Minor League teams, including Buffalo, and was the International League MVP in 1957 while with the Bisons. Jeff Manto played with Buffalo more recently, between 1997 and 2000. In 276 games with the Bisons, he blasted 79 home runs.