Where to sit at NYSEG Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at NYSEG Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • No bleacher sections in NYSEG Stadium
  • Picnic areas are open unless privately booked
There are no bleachers at NYSEG Stadium. All the seats are box seats.

When visiting NYSEG Stadium, you essentially have two seating choices. The park's seating is comprised of box seats; no bleachers here. The box seats are divided by a cross aisle that runs along the length of the seating area, which is essentially from the edge of the outfield in left field all the way to the same place on the other side.

The highest-priced section, Box Seats, make up the lowest 10 rows of seating in the stadium. The section is blocked off with a railing above the top row, giving it a bit of an exclusive feel. Ushers check your tickets before you enter this section, so it's difficult to get down here during the game unless your ticket gives you access.

The majority of fans sit in any of the 15 Reserved Grandstand sections that make up the rest of the park's seating. Don't be tricked by the team's use of the word "grandstand." All these seats are box seats, just as those closest to the field. The Reserved Grandstand section is 16 rows deep.

Special seating areas include Lupo's Dugout, a group picnic area in the right field corner, six luxury suites around the press box and a picnic area in the left field corner. If the picnic areas aren't booked for a group, other fans can wander in and out of them as they please. Handicapped seating is located on the cross aisle in several locations throughout the stadium.