Autograph Tips for Falcon Park

The Autograph Tips for Falcon Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Easy to get autographs before game
  • Falcon Park also has autograph booth in concourse
Prior to each game, one or two Doubledays players sign autographs in the concourse behind the home plate bleachers.

Single-A ball is a dream come true for the fan who's into collecting autographs. Because this level is the first stop on the pro circuit for the majority of players, it's rare to get turned down for a signature. Typically between 19 and 21 years of age, these players are largely happy to sign, pose for pictures and converse with fans.

The small stadium is conducive to the player/fan relationship, and it's easy to obtain autographs before and after the game. Teams' clubhouses are located outside the left and right field corners, so players will walk to the dugout along the fences. Whether you're set up near the outfield or closer to the dugout, it's not a problem to get autographs. Prior to the game, a couple Auburn players will sign in the concourse near the park's front entrance. If you don't catch them here, it's not a big deal, because you'll have another shot once they're on the field. Ushers allow fans to freely move to the dugout area prior to first pitch, but will ask you to return to your seat when the game begins.

It's unlikely that you'll have trouble getting signatures around either team's dugout, but if you prefer to avoid the crowds, hang out near Auburn's indoor batting cage, just beyond the left field fence. Many of the team's players use it for extra cuts between batting practice and the start of the game, and are obliging to waiting fans.