How To Get A Ball At Peoples Natural Gas Field

The How To Get A Ball At Peoples Natural Gas Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Pre-game snagging all but impossible
  • Bleachers in LF give you chance at home run balls
Getting a ball at Peoples Natural Gas Field can be a challenge; upon entering, walk through the seating area to look for a foul hit during batting practice.

Unlike the ballparks of some Eastern League counterparts including the Bowie Baysox, New Hampshire Fisher Cats and Trenton Thunder, it’s pretty difficult to get a ball during your visit to Peoples Natural Gas Field. Whereas you’ll have success at many parks by being well prepared in anticipation of your visit, what you’ll need most in Altoona is plenty of luck.

As is common with larger parks, the area immediately behind the outfield fence is blocked off, which prevents you from trying to get a batting practice home run before the game. And if you have visions of scaling the fence to snatch a ball laying on the ground, think again – signs strongly warn you against doing so. In fact, signs that will cause dismay to any fan hoping to get a ball are common throughout Peoples Natural Gas Field. They’re posted around the perimeter of the park and even in it. The large, grass berm on the third base side, for example, might be the perfect spot to run and retrieve a long foul ball, but you’re reminded that stepping onto the grass will result in your ejection.

That said, with pre-game snagging out of the question, getting to the park early gives you the best shot at a ball. Line up well before the gates open and when they do, get inside as quickly as you can. If batting practice took place before the game, it’s possible that some balls were hit into areas that you can get to without punishment. Although ushers are tasked with retrieving these balls, it’s common for one or more to get overlooked. The party deck or bleachers in left field are a good place to start looking, and while it’s likely that any home run ball will have been collected, you won’t know until you look. Likewise, take a quick run through the seats down the lines on the off chance you find something.

When the game starts, you can hope to catch a home run ball by sitting in the bleachers or milling around the party deck in left field. It’s best to be alert when power hitters – especially those hitting from the right side of the plate – are up to bat. If you want to try for a foul, hang out on either of the open cross-aisles that around the park between the different levels of seating. As always, moving to a relatively empty seating section that foul balls can reach can also be effective.