Finding Your Way Around Peoples Natural Gas Field

The Finding Your Way Around Peoples Natural Gas Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Main gate enters into 3B side
  • Upper concourse provides awesome historical banners
As you walk around Peoples Natural Gas Field, look for Lakemont Park's Skyliner roller coaster, located just over the outfield fence.

Although some people might see the placement of Peoples Natural Gas Field’s parking lot as a hassle, it has a silver lining. Although it’s not immediately adjacent to the ballpark gates, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of the park from a distance as you walk toward it from your vehicle. You’ll soon see the park’s gates and ticket office ahead on your left, and it’s here that you’ll notice one of Peoples Natural Gas Field’s most unique features. Unlike most parks, in which the main gates are directly behind the home plate concourse, you’ll enter the facility into an open pavilion down the third base line.

As you approach the seating bowl, you’ll be able to look up and see the second deck, suite level and press box, and below, the open concourse is lined with concession stands and other attractions. The first-level concourse is where most of the action happens, but if you want to take a tour, give yourself some time to climb the stairs to the second level to take in the sights.

Although you’re isolated from the action on the field as you walk along the second-level concourse, there are plenty of things to see. The large windows give you a great view of the surrounding area and there are a ton of interesting banners displaying information from throughout the team’s history. Perhaps the most unique touch is a banner featuring the Opening Day lineup from each season in Curve history. And while you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out the team’s Road to the Show wall down the third base line. The display features the names of every former Curve player who made it to the Major Leagues.

If visiting Peoples Natural Gas Field with kids, be sure to check out the kids’ areas down the first base line. The Fun Zone contains the usual inflatable attractions, while the Kids’ Playland has a number of arcade-style games.

As you make your way around the park, keep your eyes out for cartoon graphics, which are prevalent not only on Altoona’s website, but also throughout Peoples Natural Gas Field. They’re all drawn by local cartoonist Bill Bettwy, and his work is also on sale in The Stockyard, the park’s team store.