Where to sit at Ripken Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Ripken Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Ballpark is large with many seating options
Whether you select a seat in an upper or lower section, you've got a close-up view of the action.

With a capacity of 6,500, Ripken Stadium gives you more seating options than every New York-Penn League ballpark except for MCU Park in Brooklyn and Richmond County Bank Ballpark in Staten Island.

The ballpark is divided into two seating bowls; the 100s run around the lower level to midway between the infield and outfield fence, while the 200s stop a short distance beyond the outer edge of the infield. The 100 Level has three different price points, while pricing is the same across the 200s. A small rail seating area is located down the third base line directly behind sections 210 and 212.

The team has a devout following and sells out games on a regular basis. If you arrive shortly before the start of the game, the best you might be able to do is a standing room only ticket. These tickets are marked, humorously, "Fashionably Late."

Groups will enjoy the Party Pavilion located down the first base line, directly below Bo Brooks Crab Shack and the Picnic Plaza, in a similar location down the third base line. The Open Air Cafe, located directly behind home plate and above the 100 Level, is an ideal place for enjoying your meal while watching the game.