Finding Your Way Around Daniel S. Frawley Stadium

The Finding Your Way Around Daniel S. Frawley Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team shop located in home plate area
  • Picnic areas found in each corner
When you arrive at the stadium, look for the statue and plaque of Baseball Hall of Fame member Judy Johnson, who lived in Wilmington.

When you reach the parking lot at Frawley Stadium, you’ll find yourself in front of the park’s main gates and ticket office. If you get to the park early enough, take some time to explore and, if batting practice is happening, maybe even get a BP home run by hanging out behind the outfield fence. Make sure to check out the statue honoring Negro league star and Hall of Famer Judy Johnson in the pavilion in front of the gates.

The gates at Frawley Stadium open an hour before the first pitch, and getting into the stadium is a unique experience. If you’re standing in the front pavilion, you’ll ramps on each side of the ticket office; these ramps lead up to the concourse. When you enter the park via these ramps, you’ll be in the concourse behind home plate, and there are lots of things to see and do. The team shop is located in this area, and you’ll see the first and third base concourses lined with concession stands.

The concourse is covered behind home plate, but opens up down the lines. From the concourse, you’ll see two sections in front of you if you look toward the field – the Box Seats section is closest to the field and the Upper Box Seats are directly behind the cross-aisle that runs above the Box Seats. There are group picnic areas in both corners and the teams’ bullpens are located in the corners, too.