Autographs Tips For Daniel S. Frawley Stadium

The Autographs Tips For Daniel S. Frawley Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players sign willingly around dugouts
  • Try for autographs before game, rather than after it
Before the game, head to the area around either dugout to get autographs from players. The Blue Rocks are on the first base side and the visitors are along third base.

There’s little in the way of secrets regarding getting autographs during your visit to Daniel S. Frawley Stadium. Because the Blue Rocks play at the Class-A Advanced level, players are typically more willing to sign for fans than at higher levels of professional baseball. As such, it’s easy to get a handful of players to sign your program, a baseball, cards or something else.

The Blue Rocks’ dugout is located on the first base side, and is typically more crowded with fans seeking autographs. If you’re a Blue Rocks or Kansas City Royals fan, try to get to the park as early as possible and line up at the gates. As soon as they open, move quickly to field level and secure a spot along the fence at either end of the home dugout. The players will soon hit the field for warm-ups, and you’ll be able to get several to sign on their way back to the dugout. In the event you’re not overly concerned with which players sign for you, consider the visitors’ dugout on the third base side. For most games, there are fewer autograph seekers in this area, so you’ll have less competition.

Minor League Baseball rules prohibit players from signing autographs once the game begins, but you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a few signatures before first pitch. Although player availability for autographs after the game is not as common as beforehand, you might still get an autograph or two as the players mill around the dugout before going to the clubhouse. It’s typically easier to get post-game signatures from players on the winning team. A rule of thumb is always to try to get any autographs you want before the game, rather than count on getting them afterward.

If you’re really eager for a certain signature from the home team, the players park on the right field side of the main parking lot, and you might have luck approaching someone around his vehicle after the game’s conclusion. Just remember that the player is now on his own time, so don’t be pushy.