Pre-game attractions for Appalachian Power Park

The Pre-game attractions for Appalachian Power Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Watch the on-field action from sidewalk before gates open
  • Look for pre-game action in warehouse batting cage
Get to the ballpark early enough, and you'll have no trouble watching batting practice from the sidewalk.

The neighborhood around Appalachian Power Park isn’t exactly full of life. Still, it’s fun to get to the ballpark early enough to watch BP from the sidewalk and take a walk around the area. Using the sidewalk along Smith Street or Morris Street gives you a full view of the park. Unlike some ballparks that build high exterior fences, you’ll have no trouble standing outside the fence, surveying the scene and even chatting with a friendly usher or two, long before the gates open. The walk along Brooks Street, which runs down the third base side of the park, isn’t as exciting. Perhaps because a highway onramp is in this vicinity, you won’t see much from this area.

Be sure to give yourself time to check out the warehouse building, found at the corner of Lewis Street and Morris Street. In addition to holding the team’s corporate offices, the warehouse also has an indoor batting cage that you can see through the ground-floor windows. If batting practice isn’t taking place, looking through the windows gives you the chance to see some players taking their pre-game swings.