Where to sit at Fifth Third Ballpark

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Fifth Third Ballpark
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Park has box seats in lower section; bleachers up top
The seating at Fifth Third Ballpark is divided in two levels -- the upper level is made of bleachers while the bottom level is box seats.

When you're planning your visit to Fifth Third Ballpark to watch the West Michigan Whitecaps, take a few minutes to review all the seating options to ensure you find the one that you'll enjoy the most. Some parks keep their seating options simple, but Fifth Third Ballpark has a long list of options worth considering. The seating at this ballpark is divided into two levels. The lower level, which has two price points, is comprised of box seats. The upper section is made up of bleachers.

The Premium Box Seats are the most expensive in the park, at $14, and are located in the three sections directly behind home plate. If you don't want to spend quite that much, consider the Box Seats section, which makes up the rest of the lower level. These tickets are $12 each and run along the base lines.

For a higher-up view, the Reserved Seats section is made up of bleachers that wrap around the field from shallow right field to shallow left field. These seats are $10.50. The Gentex Family Section, in which alcohol is prohibited, is section 209 and located at the right field end of the second level. Tickets in the Keller Williams Family Zone, located in the same spot at the other end of the level, cost $10.

Fifth Third Ballpark has two large grass seating areas named the McCain Foods Lawn. These spots are down the lines in right field and left field at cost $6 per ticket.

The ballpark has numerous suites and group seating areas. There are 24 suites around the park's suite level and three different group zones behind the outfield fence -- from left to right field, the Centennial Securities Dream Deck, the Pepsi Stadium Club/Miller Lite House Deck and the Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Deck. The Pepsi Stadium Club is the park's swankiest and offers indoor and outdoor seating. Similar in some regards to an MLB suite, this group area's indoor section is climate controlled and includes flat-screen TVs, a private bar and numerous other features. Finally, the park has two Altogas Grill Areas, located down each base line, which are for groups. These areas provide a number of all-you-can-eat options.

Picking the right seat for you depends on your budget and your preferences, but you can't go wrong with a spot in the Box Seats section. The $14 Premium Box Seats are a little pricey for Class-A ball, but $12 is pretty fair for a front-row seat.