Autograph Tips For Fifth Third Ballpark

The Autograph Tips For Fifth Third Ballpark
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Whitecaps usually sign pre-game around first base dugout
After their pre-game stretching routine, many of the Whitecaps will sign autographs around the first base dugout and bullpen.

Before and after each game, it's common for players from both teams to sign for fans around the dugouts and bullpen. Fifth Third Ballpark, like many Minor League parks, has its bullpens down the lines, so standing along the fence is always a smart move. The Whitecaps dugout and bullpen are along the first base line and many fans gather around the dugout before each game for autographs.

Some players will also sign after the game, depending on the game's outcome and how they played. Don't necessarily count on obtaining signatures after the final out, but if there's someone you missed before first pitch, try to signal him before he disappears into the clubhouse.