Where to sit at Centennial Field

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Centennial Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Ballpark has two seating choices
  • Wooden seats are covered by roof
Centennial Field's seating is comprised of wooden seats behind home plate and cement bleachers along the lines.

At Centennial Field, you've got two simple choices for seating. You can sit in the reserved section, which consists of wooden seats, or the general admission sections, which are lined with concrete bleachers. Neither section will remind you of the club seats at Yankee Stadium, but given the century-old feel of Centennial Field, it doesn't take much imagination to know you're seated in an area with plenty of history.

The reserved seats are $8 and every seat is this area is covered by a roof, which is ideal if you want to avoid the elements. The reserved section surrounds home plate, running from the home plate side of the home dugout to the home plate side of the other.

To save a buck or two, the general admission section is your only alternative. Here, adults pay $7, while children (12 and under) and seniors (60 and up) pay just $5. As always, general admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. These sections run from the dugouts on each side of the field down the lines.