Autograph Tips For Centennial Field

The Autograph Tips For Centennial Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Lake Monsters sign pre- and post-game outside clubhouse
Vermont Lake Monsters players are happy to sign around the team's clubhouse before and after each game.

Like all ballparks in the New York-Penn League, it's easy to gets players' autographs at Centennial Field. For the most part, players are friendly to fans and it's simple to get the majority of either team to sign before and after the game.

Prior to the game, hang out at the outside of the home clubhouse to get Lake Monsters players to sign for you. The area is roped off, but players will typically sign in this area without even being called over. After the players take the field, you can get their autographs along the fence adjacent to the home bullpen. Trying for autographs around the dugouts isn't ideal as the fences in these areas are high.

If you're looking for the signatures of the players on the visiting squad, you can stand around the visitors' bullpen on the third base side. Additionally, you can get autographs before the ballpark even opens. The visiting team uses the facility's soccer dressing room, which is located along University Road toward Colchester Avenue, as its clubhouse. If you stand at the entrance to the group BBQ area near the left field corner, you can get autographs as the visiting team makes it way from its clubhouse to the field.