Finding Your Way Around Arm & Hammer Park

The Finding Your Way Around Arm & Hammer Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Kids' area is located in the right field corner
The covered concourse at Arm & Hammer Park is open to the field, allowing you to watch the game as you wait in line for your food.

The parking lot at Arm & Hammer Park is located just beyond the outfield fence, so once you arrive, you’ll have to walk around to the other side of the park to enter. There are paths along either side, but choose the one that runs along the banks of the Delaware River to give yourself some good photo opportunities. When you reach the pavilion in front of the main gates, you’ll see a large, open area that is very well maintained. There are numerous banners in this area recognizing past Thunder players, as well as a statue and plaque recognizing Samuel J. Plumeri, Sr., for whom the park’s field is named.

The ticket office is also located in this area, although it’s always better to buy your tickets in advance for a cost savings. Once you’ve got your tickets, you can line up at the gate on either side of the ticket office. The gates open an hour before first pitch, and put you in the home plate concourse area. Here, you’ll see a team shop, which appears small and out of the way until you enter. It’s giant and has a number of cool items, from Thunder merchandise to game-used bats to a ton of Yankees swag.

The home plate concourse is home to a few concession options, and there are many more concessions located along the lines. If you’ve got kids, be sure to check out the RWJ Hamilton Kids Zone, found at the end of the seating bowl on the first base side. This area includes an elaborate jungle gym and a small climbing wall, among other attractions. In the same spot on the other side of the field, you’ll see two group seating areas.

As you wander throughout the park, be sure to look up to the facing above the suite level to see the team’s Eastern League championship banners and the retired numbers of Nomar Garciaparra, Tony Clark and Jackie Robinson.

Arm & Hammer Park has three scoreboards – a video board is located in right-center and a digital board is in left-center. There’s also a manual scoreboard in the fence in right field.