Arm & Hammer Park Parking Review

The Review of Arm & Hammer Park Parking Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • On-site parking costs $3
Parking at Arm & Hammer Park costs $3, and the lot is located just behind the outfield fence.

The Trenton Thunder charge $3 for parking, but there’s a bit of a loophole that many fans are happy to share with you. Yes, $3 is a reasonable price to pay to park for a game, but if you arrive at Arm & Hammer Park early enough, you can park for free. Arriving early to avoid the parking fee might be a little shady, but if you hope to get a ball during batting practice, you might plan on getting to the park well before other fans anyway. In either case, early arrivals can park apparently without repercussion, although you should always do so at your own risk. If you arrive early and really want to be safe, approach a parking attendant when you see one and explain the situation to him or her.

The ballpark has a large lot easily accessible off John Fitch Way, which puts you behind the outfield fence. Don’t be too anxious to park as close to the park as possible – home runs can easily reach the closest cars on the fly. It’s better to find a safer spot a little more out of the way. If you drive by the front of Arm & Hammer Park, don't be tempted to park in parking spaces here, as they're reserved.