Where to sit at NBT Bank Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at NBT Bank Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Second deck offers affordable vantage point
  • Seats directly behind home are pricy by IL standards
A seat in the upper deck is affordable and provides a great view of the field.

NBT Bank Stadium is comprised of two decks of seating, suites behind home plate, group party patios on each side of the suites and a party room in the right field corner. If you’re not visiting the ballpark as part of a group or with a pass giving you entry to a suite, this means your choices come down to the upper or lower deck.

The lower deck is divided into three price points; $20 for the small Home Plate Club seats directly behind home plate, $14 for the Field Box section, which essentially runs from the edge of the infield to the other edge of the infield, and $12 for the Reserved seats, which fill up the rest of the lower seating bowl.

As far as value, a Reserved seat behind home plate (and directly above the Field Box section) puts you pretty close to the action for $2 less than the Field Box area. Down the lines, choosing a Reserved seat is ideal if you’re looking to save a few bucks and don’t need to be against the field. The Home Plate Club tickets provide a perfect view of the action, but seem a little expensive. The same tickets in nearby Rochester, for example, are just $12.

The upper deck is comprised of seven sections down the third base line and four sections on the opposite side of the field. All these seats are general admission and cost $8 for adults. Children and seniors pay just $4. The upper rows of these sections are covered, which is ideal if you want to stay in the shade or if it’s drizzling rain.

If you’re familiar with my travel blog, you’ll know that I like to watch any given game from a number of spots throughout the park. At NBT Bank Stadium, I’m not particularly partial to the seats directly behind home plate. Although the view is great, the netting overhead seems a little claustrophobic, and also reduces your chance of getting a foul popped back over the screen. The front rows in the upper deck give you a neat angle that you don’t often get to experience in the minor leagues. During my visit in April 2013, I sat in the front row of the upper deck and was close enough to hear the umpire telling the ball boy how many balls to bring to the plate between pitches.