What to eat at NBT Bank Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com What to eat at NBT Bank Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Pops Special hot dog is sure to satisfy
  • NBT Bank Stadium has an impressive beer list
The Pops Special hot dog is delicious and loaded with macaroni and cheese.

Choosing the right food to complement your visit to NBT Bank Stadium depends primarily on what you’re looking to consume. The park has plenty of the standard items – hot dogs, burgers, pizza, sausages, nachos and fries – but a few speciality/regional items are definitely worth sampling.

Ask any Chiefs staff member what you eat, and you’ll likely get directed to the Pops Special hot dog, which is a hot dog slathered in mac and cheese. It’s a tasty, filling ballpark treat and especially welcome if you visit NBT Bank Stadium when the weather is cool. And while you might make the argument that a hot dog is a hot dog, the dogs served in Syracuse are tough to beat.

To wash down your meal, Alliance Bank Stadium offers a lengthy beer list that provides something for everyone. From local beer to Canadian brands and imports such as Heineken and Corona, nearly 20 varieties of beer are available here. Popular choices include Saranac, Lake Placid and Yuengling.