Where to sit at PNC Field

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at PNC Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Tickets are actually cheaper since ballpark renovation
  • Railhouse Bar offers fun atmosphere
Nearly all of PNC Field's seating choices are box seats, including those down the baselines.

For a facility that recently underwent a renovation that exceeded $40 million, you might expect the ticket prices to be a little higher than the norm. But regardless of where you sit at PNC Field, you’ll find your ticket to be impressively affordable. Tickets range from just $7 to $12 and believe it or not, you’ll actually spend less on your ticket that you would have during a pre-renovation visit to PNC Field.

Short of the suites, spending $12 can get you a spot in the first row behind home plate or perched above either team’s dugout, depending on your preferences. This section, called Infield Box, runs at field level from dugout to dugout. For the same price, you’ve got the choice of buying a ticket in the Budweiser Railhouse Bar, a fun bar/eatery in the right field corner. This spot features not only a great view, but access to a long list of food and drinks in an upscale, outdoor setting.

The Field Reserved tickets cost $10, and are found at field level between the dugouts and foul poles on each side. As is the case with the Infield Box section, the Field Reserved section is composed of box seats. For $8, you can grab a spot in the bleachers in the right field corner. The bleachers are general admission and provided you can get to the park in good time to grab a front-row spot, are a great choice for those on a budget. The cheapest spot in the park is either of the two grass berms in the outfield. Dubbed the Homer Zone, this area costs $7 and is a perfect choice if you’re visiting PNC Field with small children. With kids, pick the Homer Zone in left-center, as it’s immediately in front of the kids’ play area.

The best seating choice at PNC Field depends on what type of ballpark experience you enjoy. It’s tough to beat spending $12 for a spot at the fun Railhouse Bar or a spot behind home plate or above either dugout. Regardless of where you choose to sit, don’t be afraid to wander the park and catch an inning or two from the many vantage points, including the enormous standing room area above the bullpens in left field. On your walk, be sure to wander through the winding path behind the Homer Zone, where you’ll enjoy some shade from the trees and the impressive rock cut backdrop.