Finding Your Way Around Frontier Field

The Finding Your Way Around Frontier Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team's sizable HOF located in first base concourse
  • Look for lifesize horse made of baseball gloves
Regardless of where your seat is located, you can watch the game from the grass berm in the left field corner.

Frontier Field's gates open 60 minutes before first pitch. If you get to the ballpark prior to the gates opening, you've got the option of waiting at the main gate that lets you in behind home plate or the left field gate. Where you line up may depend on where you park; Lot D is across the street from the home plate gate, while Lot C is across from the left field gate. Entering the park via the main gate puts you right in the heart of the action. When you enter, you'll immediately see a large model of a red bird and a horse made of baseball gloves. The team's store is on your left and from the main concourse, you can walk left or right. Walking straight puts you on the open-air concourse behind home plate.

If you walk left, you'll pass by the team store and numerous concession stands offering a variety of things to eat. Eventually, you'll move out of the covered concourse area into an open-air picnic zone. The picnic tables are covered, but the area around them is open. You'll also pass through the Frontier Field Walk of Fame, an area paved with bricks stamped with the names of donors. Continue walking in this direction and you'll make it to the left field gate, and have the option of sitting on the grass berm in left field.

If you go right straight out of the main concourse, you'll also be tempted by numerous food vendors. In this direction, you'll see the Red Wings autograph booth on your left, which is visited by a player shortly after the gates open. On your right, give yourself ample time to browse the plaques on the sizeable Red Wings Hall of Fame. Look for all the former Major Leaguers who spent time in Rochester over the last 100-plus seasons. You can approach the playing field through any number of openings around the stadium, which will put you on the open concourse between the upper and lower decks of seats.