How To Get A Ball At G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium

The How To Get A Ball At G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team prohibits going behind outfield fence to find BP balls
If you want to look for batting practice balls behind the outfield fence, you'll have to ignore the trespassing sign.

At many Minor League Baseball parks, it's possible to walk behind the outfield fence to look for balls during batting practice. The same technically holds true for G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, although when you get to this area, a sign warns you that walking behind the outfield fence is considered trespassing. Clearly, the team wants to collect its own batting practice balls for re-use.

As such, if you choose to walk back here, you're doing so at your own risk. It's unlikely you'll face anything more serious than being told to get out of the area, but walking in this area isn't advisable. (If you choose to venture back there, there's a dirt path directly behind the fence and a wooded area beyond the path.)

It's possible, however, to grab a batting practice ball or two without technically walking behind the outfield fence and thus breaking the rules. If you walk to the right field corner, you'll see a fenced-in picnic area. It's common for BP foul balls to land in this area, which makes them virtually inaccessible. If you're lucky, a ball will fly over the fence and land on the grassy area just beyond the picnic area -- but not quite in an area that team officials might deem "behind the outfield fence." Look around this area during and after BP to see if you can get lucky.

Once the gates open an hour before first pitch, enter the ballpark and keep your eyes peeled for BP foul balls. Although ushers are tasked with collecting these balls, they don't always grab every single one. If you can get access to the picnic area, take a look here. If not, walk through the bleachers down the lines. If you're among the first to enter the facility and a ball was missed by an usher, you'll have a good shot at grabbing it.