G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium Parking Review

The BallParkGuide.com Review of G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium Parking Rating: 3
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • At $5, parking is overpriced
  • Lot is large, but a fair walk from ballpark
The parking lot at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium is large, but not overly close to the ballpark.

Richard Pfitzner Stadium might have the worst parking situation in all of Minor League Baseball. Although the ballpark's parking lot is sizeable, visitors are required to pay $5 to park for the game. This fee is the most expensive of any Class-A ball team, and is more expensive than most AA and AAA teams, too. Consider the Minor League teams closest to the area: The nearest three Class-A teams, Frederick, Hagerstown and Aberdeen, offer free parking. The nearest AA team, Bowie, has free parking, while the second-closest AA team, Richmond, charges $3. Norfolk, the closest AAA team, charges $5.

Admittedly, paying $5 for parking isn't going to break the bank, especially when tickets to a P-Nats game are moderately priced. But the parking lot's location at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium also leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The ballpark is part of a four-diamond complex and is inconveniently located farthest from the lot. The combination of paying too much and having to walk a significant distance is less than ideal.

Unfortunately, you don't have much in the way of parking alternatives. Although there are several large lots surrounding the government buildings on County Complex Court, parking here without a pass is prohibited. If you really want to save the money, you can try parking in the retail area on the other side of Prince William Parkway, although give yourself several minutes of walking time.