What to eat at Hadlock Field

The BallParkGuide.com What to eat at Hadlock Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Sea Dog Biscuit dessert is park's signature item
  • Many microbrews on the menu for beer lovers
The menu at Hadlock Field includes standard ballpark food and the park's signature item, the Sea Dog Biscuit.

It's a little surprising that considering its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Hadlock Field's concession stands aren't full of seafood options. By way of contrast, Manchester's Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is roughly 100 miles away and has a handful of seafood choices on the menu.

The lone seafood entry on the menu here is a fried haddock fillet sandwich, which is available at the Fried Food concession behind third base and home plate. Otherwise, the menu is about what you'd expect to see at any Minor League ballpark. Notable items include popcorn chicken, subs and sandwiches.

Make sure that you bring your sweet tooth to Hadlock Field, as you won't go away disappointed. The usual ballpark treats, including fried dough, candy and ice cream are sold throughout the park, but the signature item is the Sea Dog Biscuit -- ice cream stuffed between two large chocolate chip cookies. You can find this treat at several concession stands. If the Sea Dog Biscuit sounds a little too adventurous, try settling for a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and a milk at the Oakhurst Dairy Milk & Cookie Stand in the home plate concourse.

Where Hadlock Field excels most, however, is in its selection of microbrews. Microbreweries are common and very popular throughout New England, and Hadlock Field has an impressive selection of beer to try. If you enjoy sampling new beverages, be sure to hit the Microbrew Stand, which is located in the concourse behind the first base line. Here, you have the choice of such products as Geary's, Sea Dog, Baxter Brewing, Red Hook Shipyard, Harpoon Brewery, Sebago and Sam Adams. If you're in the mood for a conventional brew, Budweiser and Bud Light are sold at other concession stands along the concourse. Shipyard beers are available exclusively at the Shipyard Brew Pen, located behind the bleachers down the third base line.