Pre-game attractions for McCoy Stadium

The Pre-game attractions for McCoy Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • McCoy Stadium is located in residential area
  • Surrounding area doesn't offer much to do
Once you arrive at McCoy Stadium, take the opportunity to check out the banners honoring past players.

The neighborhood around McCoy Stadium isn’t exactly packed with things to do. Rather, the ballpark is set in an area that’s largely residential, although you can find a few eateries in the neighborhood. Given that the food at McCoy Stadium isn’t overly notable, nor do the surrounding restaurants appear overly appealing, don’t be afraid to eat before you head to the game. One approach is to grab some take-out food or hit a supermarket for some snacks, and then swing past Slater Memorial Park. It’s the largest park in the city and ideal for kids who need to run around and burn off a little energy before sitting for a few hours for the baseball game. The park is located about five minutes from McCoy Stadium.