Parking Deals for McCoy Stadium

The Review of Parking Deals for McCoy Stadium Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Park is easy to reach off I-95
  • PawSox offer first-come, first-served free parking
You can't beat McCoy Stadium's parking situation. Using the lot is free, and when fills up, there's plenty of free parking around the neighborhood.

McCoy Stadium is located just a couple minutes from I-95, which makes this International League ballpark very easy to reach by car. Once you leave the interstate, you’ll spend virtually the entire rest of your short drive in residential areas, but don’t get tricked into thinking you’re heading the wrong way. Soon enough, you’ll see signs directing you to McCoy Stadium and, a moment later, the park will quickly appear in front of you.

Getting to the park early improves your chance of taking advantage of McCoy’s free parking. Many other International League facilities charge for parking. If you arrive late and the lot is full, look for free parking on Division Street, Ashton Street or Delta Drive. You can also leave your car at Jenks Junior High School, found at the intersection of Division and Ashton street, for free. If none of these areas are available, your next option is to pay $2 to park at Quebecor World on Delta Drive.

Map of McCoy Stadium with Directions