How To Get A Ball At Eastwood Field

The How To Get A Ball At Eastwood Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Catch BP home runs on hill beyond outfield fence
  • Check parking lot for home run balls
Go behind the outfield fence during pre-game batting practice to snag home run balls.

As is the case with Falcon Park, home of the Auburn Doubledays, getting a ball at Eastwood Field is as easy as it gets -- providing that batting practice is being held on the day you visit. Beyond the Scrappers' outfield fence is a grass hill and parking lot, and once you've paid to enter the ballpark's lot, you're free to roam back behind the stadium.

Aim to arrive two hours before first pitch, and peek through any fence to see if the teams are hitting. If they are, head beyond the home run fence, and if you're the first one back there, you'll likely see a handful of balls strewn around the parking lot and sitting on the grass. You may encounter competition; you may not. Even if there are others back there, this area's big enough to accommodate a number of fans.

Though it would take a monstrous shot to launch a ball across the parking lot behind the fence, make sure to check that area, too. If a ball makes it to the asphalt, it'll roll until it's hidden in the grass. Once batting practice is done, it's worth taking some extra time to look through the grass beyond the parking lot and driveway for older balls. Unless it's recently rained, there's a good chance you'll find balls from previous batting practices, too. And, as always, if you're seeking balls behind a solid fence, be careful of home runs hitting you.