Eastwood Field Parking Review

The BallParkGuide.com Review of Eastwood Field Parking Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • $2 for on-site parking
  • $1 "walk-in" fee for pedestrians
If you park at the mall and walk to the stadium, you'll be charged a $1 walk-in fee.

Eastwood Field is located at the rear of the Eastwood Mall complex in Niles. The stadium has a large parking lot, and parking is just $2. You may hope to avoid the parking fee by leaving your vehicle at the mall and walking to the ballpark, but be assured you aren't the first fan to hatch this plan.

The Scrappers charge a $1 "walk-in" fee for fans arriving on foot. This idea may seem egregious to you, but remember that the team needs to make money. If it didn't charge a walk-in fee, it's likely that everyone would park at the mall and walk to the ballpark. Keep in mind that $1 to park for a pro baseball game is a pretty good deal. Once you're in the complex, there's a large lot in front of the stadium, and more parking down its left side and to its rear.