Autograph Tips For Eastwood Field

The Autograph Tips For Eastwood Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Conjoined clubhouses make autographs a breeze
  • Team also has pre-game autograph booth in concourse
If you line up along the grass hill in right field before the game, you'll have a chance to get autographs from both teams as they leave the conjoined clubhouse.

Because both the home and away teams' clubhouses are located in the right field corner, it's easy to get autographs from both teams in just one area. In most ballparks, you've got to make a decision which team you'll hound for signatures and go to that team's dugout prior to first pitch. Not here.

Down the first base side, Eastwood Field's stadium seating ends in shallow right field. From there to the corner sits a grass hill, common in Minor League baseball parks. If you want autographs from either team, this is the place to head once the ballpark gates open an hour before first pitch. Every player will emerge from the conjoined clubhouses at some point, and you'll have an excellent shot at getting them to sign on their way toward the dugouts. As is the case at A level ballparks, the vast majority of players are happy to sign and pose for photos with fans. Many players will leave the clubhouse and head directly to the fence, ready to sign.

Eastwood Field is one of the best autograph-hunting ballparks in baseball because of the ability for fans to nab players on both teams in one handy location. The Scrappers have a player or two sign at an autograph booth 55 minutes before game time, or five minutes after the gates open. This booth is found in the concourse behind the third base line. While the autograph booth might sound appealing, you can actually end up missing out on signatures by lining up at the booth rather than outside the clubhouses.