Where to sit at Coca-Cola Park

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Coca-Cola Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Park divided into three seating area
  • Lawn seating offers ideal setting for families
A spot in the Lawn section doesn't put you close to home plate, but it does give you a great view of the entire field.

Coca-Cola Park has a wide range of seating options, but only three are likely to pertain to the average fan visiting the park. The rest are geared toward large groups. The three sections for you to consider are the Club Level, Field Level and Lawn sections.

The most expensive seat in the park is in the Club Level section, at $15 a piece. The Club Level makes up the second deck, and despite Coca-Cola Park’s size, seats in this area still feel close to the action. They’re great for enjoying the entire park from a bird’s-eye perspective and, if it appeals to you, they’re in prime foul ball-catching territory. The knock on this section is that for the price, you’re not as close to home plate and the dugouts as you can be.

For $10, you can buy a ticket in the Field Level section, which makes up the entire lower bowl. There’s really not a bad seat at this level, and it’s perfect if you want a close-up view of the action or the ability to take clear photographs. The sections directly behind home plate (110 through 114) are behind the protective netting, which makes them ideal if you have small children but still want to be close to the field.

Many Minor League parks offer lawn seating, and for $7, you can enjoy this laid-back area at Coca-Cola Park. The ballpark’s Lawn section is situated in left-center, and although you won’t have a close view of home plate, you’ll be able to see the outfielders perfectly, keep an eye on the bullpens to your immediate right and even have a shot at catching a home run. If visiting with your family, your kids will likely get a kick out of lounging on the grass.