What to eat at Coca-Cola Park

The BallParkGuide.com What to eat at Coca-Cola Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Pork-themed food is a popular choice
  • Corn, Mexican items offer unique must-try items
The All-Star Sandwich, containing pastrami, coleslaw and fries, is just one of many delicious snacks to enjoy at Coca-Cola Park.

Given the IronPigs’ name, it’s no coincidence that a number of tasty meals containing pork dominate the menu at Coca-Cola Park. But even if you’re not that interested in pork, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy during your visit. Some parks seem relatively devoid of concession stands, but here, it almost seems as though there’s a food stand offering delicious fare everywhere you turn.

In the home plate concourse, check out the Home Plate Grill if you’re looking for standard ballpark fare, including hot dogs, burgers, fries, nachos and popcorn. The Hog Heaven stand behind home plate also sells many of the same standard items. Nearby, you’ll see the Pizza Stand concession, which specializes in not only pizza, but also deli and oven-toasted sandwiches, bread sticks and more. Finally, the Pig Stop Carving Station sells delicious daily specials, jumbo pretzels and more.

Make your way out to the right field corner, and you’ll run into a veritable food court that will have your taste buds percolating. This area, known as the AT&T Plaza, is also full of tables and chairs to help you enjoy your meal before returning to your seat. The Gyro stand sells a variety of Greek-themed meals, including chicken, veggie and falafel gyros, Greek salad and pitas, while the popular Blast Furnace stand’s menu features Phillie fries (cheesesteak-style fries), Porker fries (BBQ pulled pork on fries) pierogies, the All-Star Sandwich (pastrami, coleslaw and fries on a roll) and the renowned Three Little Pigs Sandwich, loaded with ham, pulled pork and bacon. For good measure, there’s a large ice cream stand in the AT&T Plaza, too.

The Bud Light Trough beyond right field is a laid-back bar with ample seating and a number of beer options, while nearby, you can check out Aw Shucks Corn for corn on the cob done several ways and Xilantro for Mexican-style fare.

On the third base concourse, look for the Smoke Shack, where you’ll find BBQ beef brisket, smoked turkey legs, pork kabobs and more. The third base side also contains the Lunch Pail Grill and Lunch Pail Hot Dog stands, which sell standard stadium food.