Coca-Cola Park Parking Review

The Review of Coca-Cola Park Parking Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • On-site parking costs $3
  • Team offers golf cart trips from lots to gates
Parking at Coca-Cola Park costs $3, and is a few minutes' walk from the front gates.

If you’re heading to a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game, you need not worry about where to leave your vehicle. At some Minor League parks, especially those in downtown areas, you’re forced to contend with sold-out municipal lots, but that’s not the case here. There are 2,500 parking spots surrounding Coca-Cola Park, so finding a space is simple.

The lots closest to the stadium’s gates are reserved for pass holders and those with handicap permits, so unless you fall into one of those categories, follow the directions of the parking guides to the general parking lots. You can access these lots via Dauphin Street, Union Boulevard and American Parkway. If you get to the lot early enough, it’s smart to park near one of the entrances with your car pointing toward a lane and exit point. This way, you won’t have to back out and wait for another motorist to let you into the row. Although the lots are large, there’s considerable congestion after the game, so being near an exit helps considerably.

Parking at Coca-Cola Park costs $3, and perhaps the only minor hiccup is that the majority of the lots are a fair hike from the stadium’s gates. (Of course, if you’re already excited to go to the game, walking for two or three minutes shouldn’t rain on your parade.) You’ll notice IronPigs staffers with multi-seat golf carts, so if you’re not up for the walk, which involves stairs, you can hitch a ride right to the stadium’s gates.