Where to sit at Cooley Law School Stadium

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Cooley Law School Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • The Clubhouse suite offers great views and value
  • Grass seats are a bargain and perfect for families
The Lawn Seating sections in the outfield are a perfect spot if you're visiting the ballpark with your family.

If you want to watch the Lugnuts in high style, you will definitely want to consider The Clubhouse, which is located at suite level. Tickets for this section are exclusive; they’re limited in number and only go on sale seven days before each game, but at a cost of $20, are a good deal. The Clubhouse blends the comforting perks of a suite with the benefits of being out in the fresh air to enjoy the game. Not only do you have access to a full bar, several flat-screen TVs and a gourmet menu, you can also step out onto the balcony and grab a seat to watch the game. The Clubhouse is located behind the third base dugout and has awesome views of the whole park.

The most expensive standard section in Cooley Law School Stadium is the Box Seating section, which is located at field level. It wraps around home plate, behind each dugout and to the edge of the outfield on each side. Tickets in this 17-row section cost $10, and each seat is equipped with a cup holder.

In the middle of the seating price spectrum is the Reserved Seating section, which fills up the remainder of the 100 Level seating bowl. This section spans behind the Box Seating section and goes to field level in both corners, making it optimal for catching long foul balls. The seats in this section are bleachers, rather than box seats. Reserved Seating tickets cost $9.

If you want to visit Cooley Law School Stadium without spending more money than you have to, a ticket in the Lawn Seating section is a logical choice. The ballpark has two beautiful lawn sections -- one behind the fence in left field and one behind the fence in right. With a Lawn Seating ticket, which costs $8, you have the freedom to move between either grass berm, although the left field one is ideal if you’ve got kids. The kids’ play area and a concession stand is located right behind the grass.