Finding Your Way Around Cooley Law School Stadium

The Finding Your Way Around Cooley Law School Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Lawn seats offer great view of the action
  • Nuts & Bolts team shop is located in home plate concourse
Cooley Law School Stadium has an enormous kids' area that includes several inflatable attractions as well as a play structure.

Cooley Law School Stadium’s location in downtown Lansing means that parking for a game can be a bit of an adventure. Ballparks outside the city have large lots that make parking a breeze, but here, you have to find a spot at one of the lots around the park. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of lots so this process is relatively painless. Once you leave your car and walk toward the stadium, you’ll see numerous signs designating the area as the Stadium District. Although there are a number of cool shops and eateries worth checking out, there’s also a homeless shelter very close to the ballpark, which gives the surrounding area an odd combination of baseball fans and panhandlers.

The pavilion in front of Cooley Law School Stadium is expansive and a fun place to be before the game. If you’re visiting with your kids, they’ll likely enjoy playing on the grass while you grab your tickets at the ticket office, which is straight ahead. If you’re early, take the time to walk up the side streets on each side of the ballpark (North Cedar Street and North Larch Street) to be able to see the field. If batting practice is on, you’ll be able to watch it from the sidewalk.

Cooley Law School Stadium’s gates open an hour before first pitch, and while batting practice will likely be over by then, there might be a few players and coaches taking infield practice. The hour leading up to first pitch is the ideal time to get some autographs, but if you’re not into that, take the time to explore the ballpark.

The home plate concourse is where most of the action is, and you’ll see a number of concession stands, the Nuts & Bolts team shop and more in this area. If you walk down the third base concourse, you’ll see more concessions and The Bullpen Bar & Grille before you hit the left field corner. Here, there’s a large lawn seating area and an enormous kids’ area named Big Lug’s Dugout Playground. This area has a number of inflatable activities for the kids, a concession stand and some picnic tables.

The first base concourse is relatively similar to its third base counterpart, with concession stands located along it. If you keep walking, you’ll reach the right field lawn seats, which are a mirror image of the lawn seating area on the left field since but without the kids’ play area.