Cooley Law School Stadium Parking Review

The Review of Cooley Law School Stadium Parking Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Park doesn't have specific lot for fans, so find a city lot
A number of city lots, including this one on South Larch Street, are in close proximity to the ballpark.

Because Cooley Law School Stadium is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Lansing, the ballpark doesn’t have a large parking lot like many other Minor League parks. All this means is that you’ll have to get a little creative when arriving by car. First of all, don’t get caught off guard by the two small lots on either side of the pavilion in front of the ballpark. These lots are for pass holders only, so they’re likely a no-no for you.

Instead, consider any of the large lots in the area, including the one at the corner of East Shiawassee Street and North Cedar Street, the one between East Shiawassee Street and East Michigan Avenue, just east of Pere Marquette Drive or the one along South Larch Street just south of East Michigan Avenue. You’ll have to pay at each of these lots, but they all sit within a couple blocks of the ballpark. If you’re lucky, you also can find parking on the street within a few blocks of Cooley Law School Stadium. Just remember to check the parking restrictions for the time of day and day of the week.