Autograph Tips For Cooley Law School Stadium

The Autograph Tips For Cooley Law School Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Lugnuts sign at a designated area in RF corner
  • Visitors sign around third base dugout
The Lugnuts sign in a designated area in the right field corner, so make sure you get to this spot after the gates to the ballpark open.

In the Minor Leagues, teams are almost always accessible for autographs in the area around the dugouts before each game. And in some parks, the team has an autograph booth in the concourse that a different player visits for a short period of time before first pitch. In the Lansing Lugnuts case, the autograph situation is a little different.

The team’s players are encouraged to sign in the right field corner, in a spot called the Board of Water & Light Autograph Area. It’s easy to access and the ballpark’s announcer lets fans know when the players are heading over to start signing. The catch is that only a couple players sign in this area each night. This isn’t to say that you’ll get turned down if you ask a player for his autograph around the dugout, but because of the designated signing area, players have an easy excuse not to sign. The players designated for this area sign for a short period of time, and you shouldn’t have trouble getting the autographs – they almost always wait until everyone’s received an autograph. If you’re really intent on getting something signed during your visit, head to the right field corner as soon as you get into the park, and the players will be along shortly.

If it’s the visiting team you’re after, they follow a more standard MiLB signing ritual. That is, most will sign around the dugout and bullpen on the third base side in the hour leading up to the game. Not only can you get more visiting players to sign, there’s usually less competition because most fans are after the home side.

League rules prohibit players from signing during the game, so once the umpires take the field, you might as well put your pen or Sharpie away and return to your seat. If there’s an autograph you really covet, some players will sign after the game. It’s rare, though, so you shouldn’t count on this option. Always make sure to get the autographs you want before first pitch.