How To Get A Ball At Municipal Stadium

The How To Get A Ball At Municipal Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Scour picnic area for balls after gates open
Look for hidden batting practice balls around the beer garden and picnic area; the ballpark's ushers may have overlooked a few prior to the gates opening.

While the construction of many Minor League Baseball ballparks allows fans to snag batting practice home runs, this isn't likely at Municipal Stadium. Because South Cannon Avenue runs directly behind the outfield fence, and particularly behind the fence in left field, there's an enormous fence located directly behind the ballpark's outfield fence. Though part of the ballpark's parking lot sits behind the fence in right field, the extra fence also stands in this area. This isn't to say an extraordinarily mammoth shot can't soar over the fence, but don't count on it.

You can, however, get a shot at a batting practice ball by walking around Municipal Stadium to the grounds crew gate located in the left field corner. If the gate to the staff parking lot in this location is closed, you're unlike to get a ball. But if it's open, a long foul ball has a chance to roll all the way to where you're standing. It's a longshot, but if there aren't any other fans in this area, you'll have dibs on the ball. Plus, it's the only way to watch batting practice take place.

Once the gates open, head immediately to the picnic area down the third base line, which you'll likely have seen if you watched BP from the gate beyond this area. There's a good chance several balls were hit into this area, and while stadium staff are likely to have already picked up the balls that are noticeable, it's easy to find balls that staff missed at first glance. Look around the deck structure, under picnic tables and in other similar areas.

This area is also ideal for getting a game ball. While a foul ball may or may not hook toward you, if you stand along the fence and are persistent, the left fielder might flip you a rolling foul ball.

Otherwise, as with other ballparks, find a spot to sit that's relatively empty. The fewer fans are around you, the better chance you'll have to run to any foul balls hit into your seating section or an adjacent one.