Finding Your Way Around Dow Diamond

The Finding Your Way Around Dow Diamond
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Wraparound concourse allows you to circulate entire field
  • Loon Loft team shop is two levels and enormous
If you've got kids, your visit to Dow Diamond will surely include some time at Lou E's Lookout, located down the first base line.

There are two separate gates at Dow Diamond but the front one is reserved for fans with season's tickets. Unless this includes you, you'll almost certainly park at the main lot at the stadium's rear. There's a gate in this area, too, and as you approach it, you won't be able to miss the park's series of solar panels mounted to the left of the gate. The ticket office is to the right of the gate.

Although season's ticket holders get the opportunity to enter Dow Diamond in the vicinity of the home plate concourse, the rear gate has a number of benefits, too. Most importantly, it puts you into the park directly in the location of one of the outdoor fire pits, which is between you and the right field grass seating area. These features will quickly show you the beauty and thought that went into designing this ballpark.

Once you're standing in the outfield concourse, you've got a couple choices. Walk to your right and you can make a long circuit around the outfield and over to the third base concourse, and then head toward the home plate area, where most of the action is. If you turn to your left, you'll immediately notice Lou E's Lookout, a large and eye-catching kids' play area. Walk past the play area and you'll be en route to the home plate concourse, but first, take a look to your left to see a historical plaque marking the location of Dow's first world headquarters.

The concourse, like any other MiLB park, is lined with concession stands and other attractions. It's covered but open to the field all the way along, so you'll be able to keep one eye on the action as you grab some refreshments or take in the scenery. There are a few notable displays behind glass along the concourse, including an interesting look at the team's history and information about baseball in Michigan.

When you reach the home plate concourse, you'll see two fireplaces, more concession stands and the Loon Loft team shop. Somewhat reminiscent of the Detroit Tigers shop at Comerica Park, the Loon Loft is large and two stories tall. The upper level is the place for Loons hats, jerseys, T-shirts and a wide selection of other apparel, while downstairs has a variety of kids' items. If you're the type of fan who enjoys keeping score, programs are available in the home plate concourse and lineups for the day's game are posted outside the Loon Loft's doors.

As you make your way down the third base concourse, the Northern Lights Pavilion (the park's outdoor group picnic area) is ahead on your right. This area has its own concession stands and a covered area and is reserved for large groups. Once you reach the left field corner, you get the enjoyment of following the concourse behind the outfield fence. At many Minor League parks, the concourses end in the corners and you can't pass behind the fence.