Dow Diamond Parking Review

The Review of Dow Diamond Parking Rating: 4
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Parking at Dow Diamond costs $3
  • City parking available in event lot is full
A well-maintained pathway weaves its way through the parking lot toward the ballpark's rear gate.

The Loons charge $3 for parking at Dow Diamond, which is a reasonable price by Class-A standards. Perhaps the only hiccup to the parking situation at this ballpark is the size of the lot. Because it only holds around 700 vehicles, it's possible for the lot to fill before the game begins. (Dow Diamond has an official baseball capacity of 5,500, making it reasonable to expect more than 1,000 vehicles might descend on the ballpark on any given game.) In the grand scheme, however, this concern is minor.

Dow Diamond isn't exactly in the middle of nowhere, but it's a few blocks from the closest city parking options. Your best bet is to arrive early enough to ensure you can park at the ballpark but if you're running late, there are a handful of parking options to the west. Several businesses open their lots for baseball fans on evenings and weekends, or you can find a street spot along Ann Street, West Larkin Street or Ashman Street. For a map of the parking in the neighborhood, check the Loons website.

The lot at the front of Dow Diamond is reserved for parking pass and season's ticket holders. This isn't an issue, however, as there's a gate for the rest of the fans directly accessible via the main parking lot.