Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium Parking Review

The BallParkGuide.com Review of Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium Parking Rating: 5
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team offers free, on-site parking
Harry Grove Stadium has two main parking lots. In most cases, you'll be able to park in the one directly in front of the front gates.

The Keys offer free parking for fans at Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium, and the lots are large and immediately adjacent to the ballpark. If you get to the park early enough, you’ll be able to park in the large lot in front of the park’s main gates. If the game is heavily attended or you don’t get there on time, try the secondary lot, which is located off New Design Road, directly behind the right field fence. There’s a path from this lot to the front of the ballpark, and if you want to try to find a batting practice ball, you’re already in the right area. If you require handicapped parking, several spots are available directly in front of Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium.

If you park in the lot in front of Harry Grove Stadium, you’ll no doubt see Mount Olivet Cemetery directly across Stadium Drive. This cemetery is the resting place of Francis Scott Key, composer of The Star-Spangled Banner. A native of Frederick County, Key composed the national anthem in 1814. The cemetery has a large monument to Key that is visible from the ballpark parking lot, and worth checking out.