Finding Your Way Around Parkview Field

The Finding Your Way Around Parkview Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Gates open earlier than most parks
  • Concourse runs around entire outside of field
One of the most impressive features of Parkview Field is the concourse, which wraps around the entire ballpark.

The gates at Parkview Field open 1.5 hours before first pitch, which is 30 minutes sooner than the vast majority of Minor League Baseball ballparks. In other words, make sure to get to Parkview Field early.

But don't be in a huge rush to get into the ballpark. Before the gates open, take a stroll around the beautiful pavilion in front of the main gates or wander around the block to the center field gate. From here, you can catch some of the on-field goings-on, but if you want to try to get a ball, make sure you're at either gate when it opens.

Rushing to the field and trying to get a ball during batting practice notwithstanding, entering Parkview Field through the home plate gate puts you right in the middle of the action. To your immediate left is The Orchard, the TinCaps' team store. Its prices are a tick better than the average in the Minors, so make sure to check it out. And, if you buy something you don't want to lug around, such as a game-used bat, you can exit to put it in your car. Not all ballparks offer in/our privileges, but the friendly ushers at Parkview Field are happy to accommodate.

As for those ushers, they're some of the friendliest in baseball. This team has a true community field, and ushers are happy to welcome out-of-towners, talk baseball with you or simply steer you in the right direction.

If you continue down the third base concourse after visiting The Orchard, make sure to keep an eye out for the window on your left. Here, you'll see the team's 2009 Midwest League championship trophy, and other awards and honors, on display. You'll pass by numerous food options, and eventually find the kids' play area toward the left field corner. It's complete with a rock climbing wall and, of course, a number of inflatable activities.

In many ballparks, you have to turn around once you get to either corner. Not here. Turn right in the left field corner and you'll get to enjoy the walk along the outfield concourse. You'll pass by the Home Run Porch seating area directly over the left field fence, then notice grass picnic areas in both left field and right field. There's an amply sized concession and bar area in right-center and you won't be able to miss the Treetops Rooftop Party Area to your left as you reach the area behind right field.

Beyond the right field area is a gate for smokers; pass by here, and you'll be on the first base concourse heading back toward home plate. Midway down, on your left, be sure to check out the TinCaps' batting cages. Prior to the game, you might catch a player or two working on his cuts, and after first pitch, the area is ideal for kids to practice their swings and pitching.